BEAT LEAGUE Tour 2023 - Köln
  • erster Event 2016 in Kooperation mit Akai Professional, Native Instruments, Diageo und Red Bull


  • BEAT LEAGUE is founded as a limited liability company
  • Collaboration with Snipes, Native Instruments, Ableton, FL Studio, XLN Audio, Adam Audio, Novation, BEATMEETS, U-He, Aqua Monaco, DIY Studio, Arsonists and SAMPLE MUSIC FESTIVAL SAMPLE MUSIC FESTIVAL
  • First tour of Germany from July to October 2023 through Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Cologne
  • The producer network grows from 34 to 1188


  • Restructuring of the BEAT LEAGUE and the scope due to the global economic situation and sponsorships
  • The BEAT LEAGUE as an online format and platform further investor meetings
  • Cooperation with DistroKid, Mixcloud, SAMPLE MUSIC FESTIVAL, Ableton, FL Studio and Mutant.One
  • acquires stake in BEAT LEAGUE GmbH
  • Listening Session live streamed for the first time via Mixcloud at the SAMPLE MUSIC FESTIVAL
  • In cooperation with Sample Science - Beat Show Off on Instagram and Mixcloud
    Late summer 2024
  • Collaboration with UX/UI designer and coder to port the BEAT LEAGUE experience to the web.
  • MVP of the BEAT LEAGUE platform to go online in fall 2024